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More About Us

Think Again Laser Clinic is a Tattoo Removal company based in Sydney Australia. Our academy is run by the team who created Australia’s most well known tattoo removal company.

At our academy you will receive the theory and practical training required to ensure you start your journey in tattoo removal off properly. Our secret to success is a secret no more. You will have access to our CEO and staff in an intimate learning environment.

Designed for people of ALL experience and work backgrounds, this academy will have you on your way to capitalising in one of the worlds fastest growing industries.

Students will be trained on Medical Grade technology under the guidance of one some of the most experienced technicians in the world. No stone will be left unturned.

Throughout the academy, our students will develop the blueprint which will become their business plan, and upon completion will be extended on to ensure success is achieved.

Not only does the academy give you unparralleled exposure to both theory and practical training, You will also be delving into the key areas that Think Again Laser Clinic have succeeded in during their time in the industry.
Below is a sample of some of the topics, keynote speakers and information you will be gaining.
Although you may be familiar with some, this industry is incredibly unique and you WILL be surprised at some of the things which have lead to our, and your future success.


Delving into the accounting know how used to achieve success in the foundation years of your tattoo removal clinic. Learn how Think Again and their accounting team set up, registered, and  maintained their critical accounting steps during their initial years of operation.

Social Media Marketing

With a background in social media marketing, Mike Anderson will be opening up and showing the data of some of Think Again’s most successful, campaigns.
Learn the basics of creating your own Social media advertisements and save yourself thousands in wasted revenue during your start up.

Digital Design

Learn what the customer wants, backed by true historical data, and what we have used to increase our client retention throughout the years. You may be surprised at what works for our industry!


As an entrepreneur cash flow is everything. Outsourcing has been an integral part of the success and cost reduction during the founding years of Think Again. Now using a team from all over the world, They have a formidable ability to identify who is the real deal in the outsourcing world. Learn everything there is to know to apply this in your own setting.

Business Plan

Throughout the academy, you will be exposed to the backbone of Think Again Laser Clinics success. The details our competitors would love to find out are exactly what you will be starting with from day one. With each of the topics covered identified as areas to add value beyond the theory and practical offerings of this course.
At the end of the academy you will have a large amount of knowledge and information that should formulate your business plan and ensure success.

Google marketing (Adwords)

A crucial element of lead generation in any industry, which often takes years to get right. With our marketing team giving workshops at the academy and showing what has lead to our success you can be assured you will be saving yourself not only significant trial and error, but also time in your founding year.

Our Head Instructor

Mike Anderson is the brains behind Think Again Laser Clinic.

With a varied work history Mike is a serial entrepreneur and is the owner of several successful companies.

Having attained his MBA in 2016, he formalised his qualifications as a business expert.

Mike has conducted thousands of tattoo removal treatments, and is the thought leader in the media for the tattoo removal industry, being called on to contribute for every major media outlet.

With an industry knowledge second to none, and a carefully selected team, you are assured to be getting the most in depth knowledge of any tattoo removal course in the world.