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Dr Kumar Professional

Dr Rohit Kumar, Australia’s leading plastic surgeon

To break down the industry and importance of working within the legal guidelines, detail on skin maintenance, aftercare and prevention of scarring.

As one of the leaders in his field, Dr Kumars input cannot be understated to anyone starting their journey in tattoo removal.

Not only an expert surgeon, but an inspiring entrepreneur who has seen, and has developed a successful clinic of his own. One of our favourite presenters of the academy!


Doug Regan | Partner Regans Accountants Pty Ltd

The backbone behind the scenes. Since inception Doug has guided TALC through all of the major hurdles of establishing a solid foundation on which to operate. Tailoring a strategy based on our specific needs, he has saved us hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars. We will cover how to get the most out of your Accountant, how to structure your business and exactly how it all comes together to ensure you maximise the cash in your hands and minimise the amount the tax man keeps in his pockets.


Jim Norman - Aussie Medi Tech

Laser Physiscist and director of the countries leading Laser distributor, with over 20 years in the aesthetic and medical laser industry, Jim has worked with hundreds of clinics and is an unrivalled expert in the field.

  • What in his experience makes or breaks a clinic?
  • The science behind lasers
  • Technical information decoded
  • How to select the right laser for your clinic

There is not much Jim has not seen or been a part of and his depth of knowledge is unmatched.

NSW Business Chamber

Head to our ‘partners’ hyperlink page to see the awesome contribution the NSW Business chamber will be making at each of our academies.

Other Guests

Other experts in fields such as :

Marketing and lead generation
Digital design and strategy
Social Media Marketing
Finance Acquisition
The art of outsourcing

Additional speakers to be announced closer to course date and subject to course location