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Formal Qualifications

Each of our students will receive the following formally recognised qualifications

Advanced Skin Science- For Laser Tattoo Removal:

This Skin Science course has been designed specifically for people who require an in-depth understanding of the skin, allowing a deeper knowledge to confidently pursue a career in advanced tattoo removal.

This course is presented by the Academy in partnership with The Sydney College Of Skin Care, one of Australia’s leading and longest running skin colleges. The importance of recognising skin conditions, and applying this knowledge during consultation and the removal process cannot be understated. Although not a legal requirement, NOBODY is employed by the Think Again Group without completion of this course prior. You will benefit in the years to come by positioning yourself as an expert in your clients skin biology.

— SIBBCCS301A – Apply the principles of skin biology to beauty treatments
— SIBBCCS404A – Work in a skin therapies framework
— SIBBCCS406A – Use electricity in beauty therapy treatments
— HLTIN402B – Maintain infection Control Standards

Laser Safety Officer


This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to safeguard health and safety of others as well as their own in the workplace. To introduce participants to OH&S legislation requirements in regards to safe laser operation on both employers and employees. Also, to introduce participants to the preventative nature of health and safety in the workplace in relation to laser operation and use.

Topics covered:

Introduction to Electromagnetic Radiation
Principles of Laser Operation
Properties of Laser Light Laser Types
Modes of Operation
Laser Light relevant to safety Laser Safety
Biological Effects
Laser Classification
AS 2211 and AS 2397
Legal Requirements Working with Lasers Health and Safety Program Management
Operator checks
Accident reporting

Subjects covered:

Social Media Marketing
Website Development
Google Ad words
Content Creation
Business Development
Pre and post care of tattoos
Equipment purchase

Course Inclusions:

-All students receive $5000 off purchase of equipment through AMT
-All students receive 1 day in clinic training at TALC
-All students have option to include extended 1 on 1 practical training at location of their choice

• Pre treatment consultation form, as is used at TALC- Value $3000, developed by TALC legal team
• Post treatment care form, developed over 6000 treatments of experience
• Ongoing support in the months post academy to assist with the starting of their business