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A day at Think Again Tattoo Removal Academy


Each morning will begin with our theory based program. As a group we will focus on completing each key topic to gain accreditation in Skin science for Laser Tattoo Removal. Think Again Laser Clinic has a company requirement that ALL staff must have successfully completed this course before operating our equipment.


A take home final assignment will be required to be completed and submitted prior to final accreditation.

Early Afternoon

We have a range of key note speakers from a range of industries providing you with insight knowledge on topics that compliment your learning. Each chosen to not only add second to none value to our students knowledge, but also to give you the confidence to start your own, or work in another existing business.


 Dr Rohit Kumar


Dr Kumar is one of the most respected and energetic plastic surgeons in Australia, having gained the most prestigious qualifications and industry recognition as a true leader, he is a long time partner of Think Again Tattoo Removal.

Dr Kumar will be giving a talk on all things skin, and giving you detailed knowledge on what it takes to ensure your long term involvement in this industry. No stone will be left unturned, and with our students having the opportunity to interact with such a decorated surgeon, they will be assured a start in the industry like no other.

Mid Afternoon

A talk with the CEO Mike Anderson and often another member of staff, to relate the days guest speakers presentation to the success of Think Again Laser Clinic. Here you will have an opportunity like no other to get right down into the formula that many of your future competitors could only dream of accessing. We will be setting you up to CRUSH in this industry.

Mid-Late Afternoon

Non Hands on Practical


  • How to dress a treated tattoo
  • How to conduct the PERFECT consultation. You will consult each other, myself and my team and we won’t rest until we know FOR CERTAIN that you can confidently execute one of the most important aspects of the process. This is the area where most of your future competitors fail. The information you receive here is what will be setting you apart and converting 90% of consultations into paying customers as we do at Think Again Laser Clinic.


Hands on Practical

From very early on in this academy you will be viewing or treating HANDS ON under strict guidance on live models. All the reading and learning in the world cannot prepare you for the nerves, excitement and knowledge you will be receiving by working under the supervision of someone who has completed over 5000 treatments.


As one of the most experienced Tattoo Removal Specialists in Australia, you will be gaining the insight learnt from YEARS of practice, experimentation, and industry workshops.
The secrets and techniques you will be exposed to will allow you to be achieve results like below from day one, this took even our own business years to learn and develop.


We have been asked MANY times to share this information with manufacturers and other businesses and until now have NEVER shared this with anyone but our own team (each of whom sign a non-disclosure agreement upon employment which prevents them from working in this industry for 2 years after case of employment at Think Again. We can’t give you all the secrets now though!